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THTM #32: Mommy, please pass the beans (Vegetarian)

What is the key message?

  • Buy, make and serve beans often.

Who should receive this message?

  • Any parents or caregivers.

How can this message be used?

Idea for a group:

  • I am so excited! I want to share the news of a new miracle food. It sounds almost too good to be true—but I will let you be the judge of that. Here’s what I know to be true about this miracle food:
    • Great for weight loss
    • Low in calories, fat and cholesterol
    • Inexpensive
    • Prevents constipation
    • Easy to prepare
    • Promotes healthy blood
    • Good for blood circulation
    • Filling—a special benefit when grocery money is tight
    • Protects you from cancer
    • Good for the environment
    • Almost never causes allergies
  • You are probably thinking that this miracle food must be expensive. Or difficult to find. Or perhaps you are thinking children wouldn’t like it. But this miracle food is very inexpensive, easy to find anywhere and children love it.
  • Any guesses about what this miracle food could be?
  • (Offer handout to all participants.) Beans are a miracle food and a “best friend” to busy mothers who want to serve healthy and good food their families.
  • With all those attributes that add up to miracle status, why don’t we eat more beans?
  • Does anyone have a favorite way of preparing beans that their family loves?
  • How can we fit more beans into our daily meals?
  • How would you feel if you made one of these recipes this week and discovered that your children loved it?
  • Which bean recipe is tempting you?
  • What will you need to purchase to make it this week?


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